Friday, October 17, 2014

Linky Loves...

Hi there lovelies!!
Today marks 32 years of my life!! LOL! 
Heading into the local show day today and will enjoy a show of fireworks tonight with the kiddies and my man along with hundreds of others ;-)
Check out this week's list of...

1. Okay, so I've harped on and linked to many an article/post on this topic but they are links that I am continually attracted to and click on because it's something important to me and what I want for my life and my home...minimalism. Creating a home and life that is clutter-free. I read this article during the week and there were three points that stuck out to me - ones I already know and attempt to implement in my de-cluttering and organisational endeavours but necessary to be reminded every once in a while - 
> Believe it is possible!
> Small victories generate extra motivation to keep going! (I can confirm this! I know that when I achieve something small, I feel empowered to keep going on similar tasks and helps me continue and allow me to tackle the larger tasks!)
> Develop daily habits & routines.

It's an ongoing process for me; a work in progress. 
One thing I have learned whilst undergoing the goal to de-clutter my home is this...
Stop being so hard on myself. 
Be realistic in your expectations of myself.
Take one step at a time.

2. So, flowing on from the topic above - I found a link to this post on Facebook about Kid Friendly Home Organisation!! She mentions the book by Josh Becker called 'Clutterfree with Kids' which I own but have not read yet. I could definitely relate to the part where she mentions the places in your home where things stack up -- no matter how many times you clear it, things just stack up again. And so she removed these areas...Anna - get to it!!
And yes...I am talking to myself ;-)

3. Not ALL books need pictures! Yep - I showed my 6 year old this video and I have a feeling our next pet will be called BOO BOO BUTT ;-) Check it out!

4. How to be a Better Mum in Five Steps -- yep, I am sometimes a sucker for these titles...usually when I feel I just need that particular pick me up. I had a sense with this link that it wouldn't be what ya think. Not exactly steps but little points of encouragement - check it out :-)

5. Ok, so there is a slightly amusing story to how I got to this link...
Miss J had been nagging me all day if I could make her a banana and carrot smoothie JUST like on Bing Bunny! I had to look him up and good ole Google popped up with these colour-in pages!! The kids thought they were AWESOME!
Winner :-)
P.S. I did make the smoothie and she KINDA likes it. LOL ;-)

Take care peeps!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


Friday, October 10, 2014

Linky Loves...

Umm, can't believe it's Friday again - ALREADY!!
Oh well! Here are this week's...

1. I like the look of THIS pattern. Not sure about working in the round though - I've done this before and it has always ended up wonky and twisted! Might pluck up the courage to try again with this project ;-)

2. A new and interesting perspective on being a SAHM (or a stay-at-home-spouse).

3. Again, on a parenting theme, is THIS article about some views one mother has. It has sparked quite interesting discussions and opinions. The question posed was "Do good parents give up their lives for their kids?"
I can see where Lucy Cavendish is coming from, however I don't believe parenthood needs to require total self-sacrifice to the extreme of disregarding all your own personal needs. I do believe that being a parent involves compromise and may sometimes require hard decisions to turn down certain opportunities and/or hold off on certain dreams for the time being - sometimes it's about not now rather than never.
I could say many things right now but I will just say one thing that I have learned as a mother - it's a great deal harder to look after others if you are not looking after yourself. Mothers and fathers are still humans and have needs that need to be met. In order to fulfill the responsibilities of parenthood, sometimes we need to be able to take some time to focus on our own self. 
What do you think about the article??

4. Love THIS! Sometimes ya just need to set yourself an on-purpose challenge to improve yourself and the life you live. It's easy to get stuck in a rut and these points are a great way to get out of it and live life happier and the way you want it. 
Anyone up for a happy challenge?? ;-)

5. CREATIVE JUMPSTARTS. What an awesome name for the new challenge project put together by Marcy and Stephanie. First challenge is up on their blogs - Marcy's take HERE and Steph's take HERE
Love it!

Enjoy your weekend.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


Friday, October 3, 2014

Currently Creative...

For weeks now, I have been intending to join in with this new linky-up segment that Kellie of Give A Girl A Blog hosts every week! 
Only now, have I finally got to it!
So here is what I am currently creating...

Apart from my usual paper-crafting and memory-keeping endeavours, I do also enjoy working with wool - whether it be knitting or crochet.
I signed up for Jellywares Spring Yarn Club back a couple of months back and received the first package in the mail early September.
Jodie had sent a lovely ball of Noro Taiyo yarn to work with as well of a selection of patterns to choose from and a hand stamped calico project bag to store it in.

After finding the links to all the possible patterns and consulting my creative support person in this activity, Kellie - who I mentioned above ;-) - we decided that the Cadence Shawlette would be the one. Challenging and out of my depth but I wanted to challenge myself and grow my knitting skills so the decision was made!!
Now just to get the required needles and find the time to get it started. 

This opportunity came when my hubby needed me to do a couple of hours down at the shop while he ran a delivery out to a client.
Perfect chance to get this project on the needles and on it's way!!

Ok, so it is my first time using this yarn, first time using circular needles, had only ever used stitch markers once it was different and slightly challenging. I had to refer to YouTube videos on my iPhone to learn some new stitches. I had forgotten to bring down my stitch markers with me to the shop so paper clips it was!! And they work fine I might add ;-) Nothing I couldn't handle and overcome so far, so I'm proud :-)

Looking forward to getting it finished.
And I've seen sneaky peeks of this month's package too, so I'm eager to receive mine and see what goodies are in store next from Jodie :-)

What are you currently creating??

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


Linky Loves...

G'day lovely readers!
Today you can check out this week's list of...

1. Caylee wrote THIS blog post and it resonated deeply with me - I love the little banner she has created for herself -- PRODUCE MORE, CONSUME LESS. I have been battling lately with being inspired but not producing to the full extent that I could be with that inspiration. I get distracted with all the stuff online that continually inspires me and then I don't actually become fully productive myself. I need to learn to switch off and be selective with my time online and give more time to actually DOING and CREATING rather than ogling everything online so much. 

2. I really liked THIS blog post...maybe because I strive to make my bed EVERY morning! It's probably the only sure thing and gives me a sense of tidy and control in my disheveled and dis-organised house - which is a work in progress...still :-/

3. I seriously thought I had in fact written this post - I am very aware of heeding my kids' requests (within reason - cos sometimes it is just a ploy to stay awake just that little bit longer). I haven't heard the dreaded line this woman got but I have felt the frustration of having my ME time cut into and using the line 'I'm busy at the moment' or 'we'll do it later, I don't have the time right now'. Must chill out more about that!

4. Quite a good read right here...I've been married 8.5 years and I can attest to many of these points. Also can admit I'm still working on some too ;-)

5. Totally loving some new papery collections that have recently been released or by Amy Tangerine, and one by Heidi Swapp!
Gorgeous stuff!!

That's it for another week!
See ya through the week for more exciting stuff to be revealed :-)

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

From My Craft Studio...

Hi-dee Ho everybody!

I thought I'd pop in and share a few random pieces I have been creating lately.
So some recent works from my studio are...

I've been trying to use up some kits I am very quickly accumulating many of...this one was a Studio Calico kit I got with the purchase of their e-book Jubilee.
To start with I used some Heidi Swapp mini stencils and sprayed with ink mists down the side of my 12x12" page. 
I've used 8x8" paper, a 3x4" journal card, cut out the ampersand from a card, wood veneer, camera embellishment, sequins, from the SC kit. 

I chose to document my eldest girl and her love for our first little lamb we had at the first farm we lived at here in WA. I thought the colours I was using incorporated well with the colours in the photo and what I was documenting.


Another layout I have created was one using the August Cupcake kit by A Piece of Cake Designs.
I absolutely adore the kits by APOCD - so well co-ordinated and a great range of products all put together perfectly!

I totally LOVED the Rhonna Farrer Just Saying ephemera pack that was included in the kit. I have also used the stencils and the ink spray included in the kit on this layout. 
The only thing I added that wasn't in the kit, was the bronze rhinestone swirls I had in my stash.

I have been busy doing quite a few other projects but I'm sure that will be revealed in due time ;-)

Thanks for popping by.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


Friday, September 26, 2014

Linky Loves...

Another week has zipped by - it's like 13 weeks until Christmas or something crazy like that! is this weeks edition of -

1. So I don't get to watch much telly apart from ABC2 through the day around here ;-)...BUT a link on Facebook took me to the funniest thing I've seen in a while - I LAUGHED GOOD AND HARD!! So according to me, apparently you need to watch PART 1 and seriously you should watch PART 2 aswell ;-)

2. Wanna whip yourself up a handmade braided necklace? Go for it!

3. And on the handmade theme, what about making your own lip balm!?! I always love the idea of making my own beauty products, soaps, laundry powder etc -- I have just never actually had the time or resources to do it yet! I'm sure I will one day though :-)

4. I LOVE what Jodie did in her art journal this week! So simple yet full of impact!

5. I am yet to try this recipe but I have heard from many sources that it is delicious!!

So that's what I've been reading or viewing this week on the world wide web.
Enjoy your weekend!
Any particular plans?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


Thursday, September 25, 2014


Hi All :-)

Thought I'd pop in and link up what I have been pinning lately...

sunset on the ocean
{ source }

I thought I'd start of with this beautiful calm picture :-)
How serene does this look !?!

One of these days I will buy a vintage mini trailer camper and revamp it to make it ├╝ber girly I'm talking pink glitter everything!
{ source }

How deliciously quaint is this!
I've always dreamed of having a creative shop on wheels, then you could travel anywhere doing what you love and sharing it all with others along the way :-)

gorgeous crochet wheel cover
{ source }

One day I'll get my retro style bike with a basket and yarny decorative touches like this!!
Such a pretty idea :-)

Huge, Easy to Make, Inexpensive, DIY Pinboard from Handmade Mood
{ source }

Love this space!!!

{ source }

Yep. That. 

What have you been pinning lately?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...