Friday, December 12, 2014

Linky Loves...

Hello lovely ones!
How's life treating you?
Are you all organised for Christmas, getting there, or completely unprepared right now?
Well, whichever you are, take a few minutes to relax and check out these...

1. What parenting really looks like! Does life look a little like any of these at your place? Or once upon a time? My personal favourite would have to be the one where the kid thought that BookABoo needed a vegemite cracker rather than a book ;-) hehe
2. THIS! I don't know how many times I've just gone 'Pfft' when my husband tells me that I am beautiful to him like he's just making things up - but, in essence, my man REALLY is into me! This article just reminded me that I should always believe that I am beautiful just the way I am - just ask my man!

3. December Daily - Ali Edwards (the pioneer of this movement) style! Love reading her daily stories and page creations each day as she goes through December. 
I haven't even started mine yet...we don't even have the Christmas tree up yet! That's how CRAY CRAY things are around here lately!
I like Ali's idea of writing a certain number of things you are looking forward to - will keep that in mind :-)

4. Make your own perfume! Great for a gift idea too :-)

5. These are a bit cute.

Enjoy your weekend!
Take care.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


Oh! P.S. Just a heads up the cut-offs for any Nutrimetics orders to be received by you for Christmas need to be in by DECEMBER 15th which is on Monday - so if you would like to get those last minute gifts or stocking fillers etc head over to my website and browse the catalogues and purchase through there OR you could note the product codes and send me an email (listed on website) also including postal address and payment details. Some great products and super awesome deals on super awesome products right now so Happy Shopping! :-)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Crazy Stuff...

 Print "Oh deer" // print by Treechild via

To begin with, it just didn't seem real...I was in complete denial.
BUT -- 
I had to come to terms with the fact that it was INDEED December. How CRAZY is that!!

My house is a mess. I just don't have enough hours in the day nor a good solid run of time to get things done properly around here.

Usually the tree is up DEC 1. It hasn't even made it's way out of storage yet. And even if it did - the space is not clear where we will be putting it.

My parents are coming next week and everything in my home is in disarray! Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh!


We are healthy.
We are living.
We are {mostly} of sound mind ;-)
We are clothed, fed, and sheltered.
We are educated.
We are free.
We are blessed.

I would like to leave you with this gorgeous song by Pentatonix...
That's Christmas to me.

It makes me emotional and my spirit just soar.
I definitely connect with the words so much.


Count Your Blessings.
Embrace the Meaningful things to you and hold them close to your heart.
Hold onto precious memories and create new ones.
Carry out traditions and start fresh ones.
Shine bright.

Don't let the stress or silly season get the best of you.
Breathe deep.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


Friday, December 5, 2014

Linky Loves...

Hi everyone!
Welcome to this week's edition of...
1. Issue 8 of Jot Magazine came out this week and it is AWESOME! I mean, it always is but since it is almost Christmas there is lots of groovy Christmas themed things in dear friend Kate designed some cute little printable Christmas tags that readers can download, use and enjoy! So you don't want to miss checking it all out :-)
3. Despite the tragedy involved THIS is such a beautiful story. This woman took her Thank You to a whole new level :-)
5. I must say that THIS new Becky Higgins Project Life collection is rather fine! :-)
Well...we are heading off for a small early Christmas get-together with Mr Awesome's family this weekend! Hope you are enjoying your December so far and that it is not too frantic and stressful already!!
Take care :-)
With Sprinkles of Sunshine...

Friday, November 28, 2014

Linky Loves...

Gosh! November is nearly over already!!
Only one month left and we are in one brand spanking new year!
But day at time ok? And today is all about...

So here we go --

1. Perfection and the Modern Mum - there was one line that summed this whole thing up...
Make sure your child’s life is fun and meaningful, instead of pretty and picturesque. 

2. Check out how emotional this kid gets while watching a cartoon. Precious kid xx

3. OH MY GOSH! WATCH THIS! Goosebumps upon goosebumps upon goosebumps right here I tell ya!

4. Just get started! I found THIS article quite the pep talk :-)

5. Interesting article on negativity in children and what parents can do about it!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hello Festive Season...

How absurd does that sound!
Christmas is fast approaching and it feels like only last week I was getting ready for Christmas LAST year! LOL ;-)

With this season upon us, the world is abuzz with buying, tree decorating, menu planning, holiday booking. People are online clicking away with online shopping or just getting Christmas ideas for the season.

I thought I would share a few Christmasy links/ideas that I have come across or that I think will be nice to share and useful for helping out as we approach the big day!

Stress. It happens. It has the potential to affect us everyday. But it seems to be quite prominent at these times of year when everything seems to be happening at once, people are everywhere, filling the aisles at EVERY shop, pushing and shoving, school concerts and end-of-year wrap-up, the roads are laden with extra traffic...let's face it -- it's jolly darn HECTIC! 
One of the tips in this article I have shared, is to Plan Ahead. This has been my friend this year, and last year for that matter but I think I have been even better this year. I have pretty much organised all gifts now which is a huge load off. I really dislike the last minute frenzy in the gift-giving area. I like to have it done and MAN it feels good!

Do you 'do' elf on the shelf. I think some of the 'tricks' that many people's Elf's get up to is quite clever :-)
Here are a few links to some Elf-on-the-Shelf ideas...
* Top 50 Elf-on-the-shelf ideas * (this one even has printables available at the end!)

We don't have the typical Elf but we have a girl doll of the same size that we call Elvira and she makes her way around the house doing different things. One day Elf might join her ;-)

** Gift Ideas **
I like the look of many of the gifts ideas put together by --
(I want that camera lens travel mug for myself!!)

Also Kogan have some great gift idea links for whomever you are looking to buy for.

*** And for that EXTRA SPECIAL gift or if you want some stocking fillers or what-have-you check out THESE e-CATALOGUES! ***
I know these products are all great cos I have them and I've tried most of them (and I sell them of course!!) I am so excited about all the goodies on offer - I couldn't help but sign up!
Great deals, SUPER great rewards, and that little extra cash you need - especially for this time of year ;-)
I have got a couple of things out of the Christmas catalogue to put in my girls stockings which I know they'll think is super awesome! What kid doesn't like to have some blue or pink stripes in there hair!?! hehe ;-)
I've also got some extra bits covered for family gifts - there is something for everyone!!
Check it out!
And you can order straight from me and it will come to your door! Easy peasy!

This is me with Smoky Eyes and Pink Matte Lip Gloss lips! Was so fun to spruce up a bit considering I don't usually wear much lippy. Will do this again though when I feel the need to dress up abit ;-)
And of course, you are exposed to another of my kooky facial expressions ;-) LOL!!!

Well, my dear folks, I will try and get back sometime with some cute little handmade Christmas card ideas that are quick and easy. I just love them!!

Stay safe and don't stress!!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


Friday, November 21, 2014

Linky Loves...

Hi there!
Welcome to another week of...

1. Do your kids like to make things? Why not try some of these out for Christmas hey!?!

2. Must give this a go one day - although I'm unsure where I can get my hands on the aloe vera...I'm assuming it is prepared differently to make it consumable for this purpose, I've just never seen it other than the potion you put on your skin for sunburn and whatever. Must research more I think!

3. Be an opportunity maker - love this TED talk!

4. Something to look forward to in the new year - so EXCITED about THIS!!

5. One Pot Wonder - now that's my kind of meal ;-)

Smile BIG my friends!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


Friday, November 14, 2014

Linky Loves...

Hello and welcome to this week's edition of...

1. So firstly, I'm gonna start with Five Things Parents Should Do In Front of Their Kids - now these points may be easy and obvious to some people but for others they could be a little more challenging. Eitherway, a good reminder :-)

2. One vital characteristic you should look for in a spouse but is often overlooked. Now... I'm happily married so not looking for a spouse but I found this article quite precious to read. I do wonder how many couples do consider in more depth what they are actually committing to when they say the words 'in sickness and in health'? I think this article was beautifully written :-)

3. How to stay motivated and achieve your goals - I am one that LOVES that sense of accomplishment. You wouldn't think that a simple TICK could give so much satisfaction but it does -- oh it SO does!

4. I found this article quite true and interesting about the pictures we hang on our walls. Since moving to this house earlier this year we have only managed to hang 2 pictures on our walls so far. Every time hubby suggests we get our pictures hung up, I hesitate and resist. I guess, my house is so full of clutter right now (it's a work in progress) that I feel reluctant to make a mark on our blank walls right now. It kind of makes me feel like there is more space amongst our mess. One day though...

5. And the new Jot team was announced for 2015!!

Enjoy your weekend! 
Take care.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...