Friday, November 21, 2014

Linky Loves...

Hi there!
Welcome to another week of...

1. Do your kids like to make things? Why not try some of these out for Christmas hey!?!

2. Must give this a go one day - although I'm unsure where I can get my hands on the aloe vera...I'm assuming it is prepared differently to make it consumable for this purpose, I've just never seen it other than the potion you put on your skin for sunburn and whatever. Must research more I think!

3. Be an opportunity maker - love this TED talk!

4. Something to look forward to in the new year - so EXCITED about THIS!!

5. One Pot Wonder - now that's my kind of meal ;-)

Smile BIG my friends!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


Friday, November 14, 2014

Linky Loves...

Hello and welcome to this week's edition of...

1. So firstly, I'm gonna start with Five Things Parents Should Do In Front of Their Kids - now these points may be easy and obvious to some people but for others they could be a little more challenging. Eitherway, a good reminder :-)

2. One vital characteristic you should look for in a spouse but is often overlooked. Now... I'm happily married so not looking for a spouse but I found this article quite precious to read. I do wonder how many couples do consider in more depth what they are actually committing to when they say the words 'in sickness and in health'? I think this article was beautifully written :-)

3. How to stay motivated and achieve your goals - I am one that LOVES that sense of accomplishment. You wouldn't think that a simple TICK could give so much satisfaction but it does -- oh it SO does!

4. I found this article quite true and interesting about the pictures we hang on our walls. Since moving to this house earlier this year we have only managed to hang 2 pictures on our walls so far. Every time hubby suggests we get our pictures hung up, I hesitate and resist. I guess, my house is so full of clutter right now (it's a work in progress) that I feel reluctant to make a mark on our blank walls right now. It kind of makes me feel like there is more space amongst our mess. One day though...

5. And the new Jot team was announced for 2015!!

Enjoy your weekend! 
Take care.

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Linky Loves...

Hello and welcome to another week of...

1. Do you love stationery and happy mail!?! Well...THIS would be right up your alley!! 

2. Becky, Lisa, and Heidi all in one place talking the latest creative trends. There is some nifty stuff out these days! I hadn't even heard of the spray marker thingy before!

3. Love Mason Jars? Well here is 20 different ways you can decorate them!

4. Jolly darn excited about the launch of THIS shop!

5. Umm...these are TOTALLY CUTE!! I can so see these hair pins or head band adornments. Or even a brooch. LOVE 'em!

Thanks for dropping by! I really do LOVE and appreciate that you drop by :-)

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Friday, October 31, 2014

Linky Loves...

Last day of October - spooky stuff ;-)
Let's creep our way into this week's list of...

1. I clicked on a link on Facebook that one of my high school friends had posted - the girl featured here I went to Sunday School with and had a few playdates at her house when we were only little kids!

2. Must be more active in the kitchen - I hate cooking but I do already do some of these at home as opposed to buying already made from the shops.

3. Battles only a three-year-old would understand. I have a three year old and i'm pretty sure she could relate to quite a few of these struggles listed ;-)

4. I think these bracelets are sweet!

5. Ok, so this would probably be one of the least favourite topics people like to hear or talk about BUT I'm gonna go there...bullying! And in particular cyber-bullying!
I came across THIS vid which then led to THIS vid and I just thought they were worth sharing. Four things that stood out to me in these clips were these...
> 'Hurt people, hurt people.'
> Don't bully the bully.
> 'Standing by and watching someone at the frontline of cruelty can be just as damaging as the 'bully' themselves'.
> 'Everyone is trying to get through the day as best they can'. Even the bully.

So there you have it.
Quite an array of varied topics here but hey - keeps it interesting ;-)

Take care peeps!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Jot Mood Board Oct/Nov 2014...

We're mixing it around here at Jot and have gone with the original mood board concept for this month's challenge.


I love the earthy tones of this mood board with the cool blue and pop of red - and those feathers are just delightful.

Here is my sample for the challenge.
I went with the neutral tones and chose a textured grey cardstock as my background.
I thought the photo I chose with the denim jeans and brown boots fit well with the colour theme of the mood board and I had some of the tissue paper packaging from the box my boots came in so I cut that down and used as part of the background.
Other supplies include:
> red fabric tape
> Prima canvas letters
> Flutterby Designs feather wood veneer
> stamps
> square doily
and other bits and bobs from my stash

You can join in on this challenge too - check out all the deets HERE and also view all the other Jot Girls samples for further inspo too!
This mood board challenge is open until 18th November 2014.


With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


Monday, October 27, 2014

Around Here...

Hello Hello Hello lovely ones!
MAN ALIVE! Has it been a topsy turvy month around here.
The term 3 school holidays consisted of sick kids and then Mr Awesome feeling not-so-awesome for a couple of weeks.

{ she had an earache with her cold and cough - thankfully some panadol and a heat pack helped relieve this and it didn't turn out to be something more nasty!}

{ this little one got conjunctivitis which we think was triggered by a bout of hayfever! Poor thing was gunking up something chronic!} hasn't all been nasty! The kids were actually in quite good spirits considering being a tad off in health. 

October 17 was my birthday - I have been kickin' around for 32 years!
Did a little selfie photoshoot which Miss J ended up joining in with too ;-)

It also happened to be the local show day and I had volunteered to go on gate duty there as part of the P&C from the Gums!

I spent two and a half hours sticking paper bracelets around people's arms :-)
Was in great company though!

I did get to look around a bit...

I dropped in on my crazy Nutrimetics friends (yep, my neighbour has just nabbed me and signed me up a few weeks ago! hehe)

The kids got their ride on the Rotary merry-go-round.
We had dinner - chips for kids, fish and chips for Mr Awesome, and a delicious hot spud with yummy toppings for me!
There was also DONUTS! Show is not complete without donuts...

and fireworks of course ;-)
Kids loved it!

We had Mr Awesome's parents here for a few days.
I have had training nights for Nutrimetics and Ambulance so have been in town quite a bit.
I have been dabbling in creative projects where I can - not as much as I would like though so I'm a tad behind in some DT requirements but am loving the experience!
Over the weekend, I bit-the-bullet and got busy re-arranging my craft studio - mainly the furniture in order to make my workspace more organised, efficient and productive. We bought another set of block shelves for added storage and added that to the room.

Got a fair way to go yet but am super excited and keen for a more streamline workspace where everything fits and is exactly where i want it!!

This week I am participating in Week In The Life - a concept created by Ali Edwards where you document in more detail a week in your life. She had set the dates for this week so I'm going with it. I also bought her kit she put together this year especially for this exercise. I LOVE it - I might actually get the week documented in an album this year, just not on paper ;-)

What has been happening in your world lately??

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


Friday, October 24, 2014

Linky Loves...

Hey there my dear readers!
Are you ready for your next dose of...
Well, read on...

1. Why wait until you are dying to actually live? Connie Johnson poses this question in THIS TED TALK -- well worth watching!

2. A list of 42 good things to do to have a positive and uplifting effect on others...and yourself for that matter :-)

3. I reckon my kids would LOVE this!

4. My first blog post as a new Design Team member for A Piece of Cake Designs went live this week!! So happy and excited about that!

5. I am taking part in A Week in the Life next week. This is a concept created by the one and only Ali Edwards in which you document a week in your life with photographs and stories. I loved this article she wrote about going deeper with your stories, explaining the why, where, when, how details rather than just stating the event or moment.
Our days are built with stories.
Love that!!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...