Saturday, July 4, 2015

Here I Stand Right Now #2...

Snapshots of my everyday...with a view from the top!

Sunday 28th June
Bonfire Time!

We had a few of our neighbours come along to our place for a BBQ and bonfire.
We love to do this every winter - we hop around the neighbourhood every weekend or so and take in turns hosting.
It's always a great evening!

Monday 29th June
Glamour night at Nutrimetics training tonight!

So I dressed up abit and donned my animal print boots (which I LOVE btw!) and had a fun night.

Tuesday 30th June
Photo Editing

Ya know...everyday stuff ;-)

Wednesday 1st July
Supervising bath time

And...more everyday normal stuff.
And wearing my normal 'at home' footwear ;-)
...unless it's cold, then my tootsies are UGG clad!!

Thursday 2nd July
It's bedtime!

One of my favourite parts of the day is crawling between those sheets, snuggling into my tri-pillow and feeling the day fade away into the next one...

Friday 3rd July
School pickup - last day of term 2. Holiday time!

And Miss J headed off for a play date with a friend - HA!

Saturday 4th July (today!)
A visit to the park is always a hit with the kids!

Today we headed into town.
We had breakfast at Macca's, I went to the dentist and got a filling, and Mr Awesome took the girls to watch 'Inside Out' while I did the grocery shopping.
We also had plenty of time to have a play in the park which the girls are always keen to do!

What has your week looked like?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


Friday, July 3, 2015

Linky Loves...

Hello All and welcome to another round of...

1. I shared this link on Facebook a couple of weeks back but wanted to share it on here too.
I totally believe in and support this idea. Having visited homes for the elderly when I was at school and then later working in aged care myself, I can definitely vouch for the benefit of amalgamating pre-school and aged care. Kids are great therapy for the aged and our little ones can learn a great deal from our older generation too.
Brilliant idea!

2. Wow! Now THIS is some kind of proposal :-)

3. Oh my gosh! This is heart-jerking! Thank goodness for decent people with courage to step in on a situation they are not comfortable witnessing!

4. I admire how Brene Brown takes to a current issue and firmly but gently encourages a way in which we could react to an undesirable event. Also dealing with issues of racism, stereotypical perceptions of others. This part stuck out to me...
 if each one of us owns one story and makes one change and has one honest conversation where we listen more than defend or offer false comfort – we can do this.
Read the whole article HERE!

5. Ok, so those most close to me would most likely snicker at me for posting this...How to Rock A Minimalist Wardrobe. 
My husband, in particular, would shake his head at me because he is always telling me to clean up my clothes before he kills himself on the way to the bathroom one day/night.
I must admit, I have been exploring my own style and what I like to wear, therefore have been on a bit of a clothes buying spree in an attempt to find the wardrobe that represents ME and my style of fashion.
As a result, our walk-through robe is pretty much exploding, filled with clothes and SHOES! Man, I've had an obsession with shoes lately.
My intention is to get in there ASAP and just go wild with fashion, create a kind-of mini runway and experiment with looks and work out what I like or don't like on me.
I might even get the self-timer out and do a few photo shoots ;-)
Oooh that sounds like so much fun!
Now to find the time...

Enjoy your weekend!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


Sunday, June 28, 2015

My Soul Sings #3...

** at the sound of rain on the soothing!

** with the chance to expand my skills and experience in particular areas of my life

** at how our neighbourhood comes together, especially in times of emergency - like when the 3 remaining town ambos have to head off on a call and all the kids end up at one place to be looked after by the remaining parent. It's very heart-warming to know that people have got your back and just how well we all band together as a community.

** when I get a random chat with my Dad - doesn't happen super often so it's nice :-)

** eating Camembert cheese and crackers

** when I receive exciting news and are blessed with the generosity of others...stay tuned - all will be revealed in good time ;-)

** slipping between fresh sheets on our bed. Ahhhh....zzzzzz ;-)

** sitting around a bonfire enjoying drinks, toasted marshmallows and great company

What are you grateful for this week?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


Here I Stand Right Now #1

I actually really enjoy seeing pics on social media of where people are standing and the story of where they are, what they are doing/experiencing; it's fun to see and read about people's journey through life and the everyday.

As part of documenting a part of my life's everyday journey, I have set about taking a daily photo (or, at least, most days) of where I am standing, as in - there should be a shot of my feet in the photo and a little blurb about where I'm at and what I'm doing right then. 

I'm using the hashtag #hereistandrightnow to keep these themed photos grouped together.
I'm also using the hashtag #obsslifesnaps (standing for : the acronym for this blog and the things in life I snap with my camera). I thought that every Saturday I would share my pics from this theme on my blog.

Here is this week's snaps of life where I am standing each day...


11:59am Coffee time! Trying to get clothes dry!
It had been raining the last couple of days and I had to get the kids school uniforms washed and dried - so the fire was lit and out came the clothes horse!


10:35pm Checking kids before I go to bed.
Something I do every night. Gosh, bed always looks so cosy and inviting. I'm so thankful for the goodness of crawling into bed.


11:54pm Planner Play! Filling in more spaces.
Yes - I'm up late I know. Something I'm quite good at - night owl that I am ;-)
I usually wind down my day by doing something creative while watching a movie or TV series on DVD - lately it has been One Tree Hill :-)


2:12pm Let's get fit! Time for a walk.
A couple of my fellow townies and I have committed to going for regular walks each week. We have synced our diaries and set dates/times for each walk. So far we have stayed on track really well and I'm thinking we are all feeling better for it!


6:56pm Yes. There is a problem afoot ;-) -- My love for shoes has exploded! :-/
Hmmmm....yeah pretty self explanatory.
I need to establish some order here STAT!


2:43pm Restocking shelves/pallet
I had just done school pickup and headed back to shop so kids could see their Daddy. I noticed the dog food needed restocking so got to work hauling a few bags in from out back.
Gotta do my bit hey!?! ;-)

Saturday (today)

1:16pm Have spent 6 hours of today out on an ambulance callout.
We were out bush so it takes some time and patience while we locate, treat, package and transfer the patient.

So there it is - my week from where I stand.
How does yours look?
Feel free to join in.
And be sure to use #hereistandrightnow on your posts over on social media (I use Instagram for this) so I can follow along :-)

Take care now.

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


Friday, June 26, 2015

Linky Loves...

Hello Friends!
Here's another round of...

2. Interesting read on the loneliness of motherhood. Sometimes you can feel alone and unsocialised and stuck in a rut. But it is important to remember that it's a season; it's temporary. And, you are not alone!

3. Everyone has a story to tell. Here is some ways to help in writing it down or sharing your story.

4. Are you like me and struggle with how quickly time goes by. I found this article that demonstrates how we can reset. June is the second January people!!

5. So! Have you traveled enough??

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


Sunday, June 21, 2015

My Soul Sings #2...

Every Sunday, I aim to post about things that I am grateful for.
Here is what I am grateful about this week --

* seeing my kids get up and give it a go!
The school my girls go to, had their 2nd term assembly this week (a bit earlier than usual due to other activities happening over the next couple of weeks).
Both my girls got up and did items. I loved seeing their happy faces as they performed.
Little K as one of the 'five little ducks who went out one day' and Miss J singing, her beautiful voice ringing out sweetly and perfectly in tune.
It filled my heart with joy!

* celebrating our little ones 4th birthday.
The joy on her face and the excitement in her heart about everything her special day brought about, presents and a party and fun with friends, was beautiful to watch.
Our baby is growing up FAST!

* that my home is starting to take better shape and fit more into my ideals and hopes for how I want it to look and be organised.
Declutter and minimise is my goal.

* when other people reach out and check that you're going along ok in life.
It means so much to know that there are those out there that have your back; that care about me.

* that the rain has finally come and we are getting a nice water over the land.
Farmers have been wanting it!

* a new dentist. a new treatment plan. and the ball is rolling towards getting my new smile :-)


I found this article through the week too and wanted to share it here. 
It's a great reminder to not take the smaller things for granted because they also make up your journey through life, making it special, more vibrant, and more magical.

What are you grateful for today?

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...


Friday, June 19, 2015

Linky Loves...

And welcome to another week of...

1. Loving some of these bedroom decorating ideas!

2. The power of make-up! Check out THIS video.
Quite interesting.
I wear make-up. I like make-up. I have never worn it that thick and glam before...mine is more a simple day look. BUT it would be interesting to see what I looked like glammed up like that - probably wouldn't recognise myself! HAHA!
Personally, wearing make-up can be a confidence booster, it does enhance your look in areas that are usually naturally lacking. I do believe though that once your make-upped look becomes your 'true' identity - there is a slight problem; there is a misplacement of truth and sense of self happening.
I believe that one must also feel comfortable in their own skin, al naturale too.
Plus, it's good for your skin to be free of any product on it. That's why it's healthy to have a good skin care regime - cleansing, toning, and moisturising your skin daily is important.
But, it is nice to dress yourself all up sometimes and this girls transformation is quite impressive.

3. I have printed this list off. I believe that just starting, no matter how small, is the key. There are many little things in our home that can be done to create some more order, space and freedom.

4. I could see us implementing some of these diy backyard ideas! Some great projects!

5. Organisational Tips - here's 10!

With Sprinkles of Sunshine...